Our Farmhouse 


It all started with an email.

On April 20th, 2022 I got a random email from Zillow. Years ago I had saved a search on there for our dream property. I set the age of the house to over a hundred years old, the acreage to at least 5, and I even put one bathroom...because we could always add more right?

There had been MANY false alarms. I would see an email pop up and I would hold my breath. I had dreamed of an old farmhouse in the country since I was a little girl. I can't explain it, but it was a powerful longing in my heart that made me emotional when I passed old farms on the side of the road.

So this day was no different. I saw the email notification, I held my breath and steadied my expectations.

This is the first picture that I saw when I opened the email. I literally gasped. The more I scrolled through the pictures, the more my heart raced.

This. Was. It.



I sent the link to Chris and to my realtor friend, Courtney. "Can we look at this house today?!?" The market was crazy and I knew if we wanted it, we'd have to move quickly.

She scheduled us to see it that evening and when we pulled up the long driveway, something in my heart knew.

It was within our budget - but only if we sold our current house for an astronomical amount so we could afford the downpayment.

Everything had to line up just perfectly, but we knew it would be the Lord that would work it out if it was His will for this place to be our home.

We made an offer (pictured here) and sent a letter telling them how much we loved the original details and had no plans to  change the place and signed all of our names at the bottom.

The next day, we were told they accepted our offer, even though it was lower than another offer they had received. They said when they saw Hollis' name at the bottom that it was meant to be. Her mother's (who owned the house but had passed away) best friends' name was Hollis.

We got the house!

It wasn't all smooth sailing from there though. Our closing was delayed, the offer on our current house fell through AFTER we had already moved into a camper onto the new property. And that camper? Yeah we lived in it for almost 3 months so the house could be rewired.

BUT. It was all worth it in the end. This place is our dream come true and watching my children play in the country through wavy, historic glass windows is a dream. come. true.

We also LOVE the family of the previous owners and they have been so gracious to share the history of the home, old pictures, help us identify plants around the property, and are just genuine, kind people. We got so lucky in having them!

Our prayer for this place is for the Lord to use it for His kingdom. We mainly do that through hospitality and welcoming people into this gift He's blessed us with.

If you want to see a tour of the house, watch the video below!

Video Poster Image