Month Three: 3 Pounds

So I have meant several times over the past month to sit and write a non-weightloss related post because I feel like its the only topic I've posted about in ages, but this crazy month didn't allow it.

But I promise this is not all my site is going to be about, and I have several things on my heart that I want to take the time to sit and write out. So hopefully I'll force myself to be still for a bit and get that done soon. (Ha)

But with that being said, it's already month three of operation "momma gettin her grove back" and I'm thankful I actually DID lose some weight this month...because it was pretty depressing seeing that big ole zero on my last post.

I am down 3 more pounds! And although I wish it was a lot more, I will take what I can get.

Last month was a really hard month for me. I kept falling back into old habits and I got that pit in my stomach that told me I wasn't ever going to change or make progress. It felt too hard.

After 3 years of indulging in pregnancy cravings and not holding myself back, having self control feels like trying to flex an extremely weak muscle. I know it will get stronger the more I use it, but those first few reps feel like death.

Since I kept falling back into old patterns and wanting to "reward" myself every single day for eating clean (It's funny when I see it written. It's not funny when it's actually happening. Ha), I knew something drastic needed to happen to help my body snap out of this continual cycle of emotional eating.

So Chris, Carley (sister), and Grace (cousin) decided we were all going to do a 30 day cleanse. The rules were only Whole Foods/clean foods and trying to exercise every day of the 30 days.

(I was also taking supplements to help my body cleanse as well. I took GX Assist the first 10 days, Zendocrine every day, and TerraZyme daily as well.)

We are on day 17 so far and it was been AMAZING. The cravings were pretty intense that first week, but now I don't have the overwhelming urge for junk food/Mexican food 24/7. I still have days where I crave sugar or certain foods more than others, but I am learning to be satisfied eating carrots for a snack instead of wanting an unhealthy treat.

Chris has lost 6 pounds already...just in 17 days (I'm proud and want to kill him all at the same time. Haha How do men lose so easily?!). I have lost 3 pounds and 3 1/2 inches overall this month.

So I am feeling encouraged that I pushed through all of the doubt and discouragement, because even though 7 pounds total in 3 months isn't amazing, I am still 7 pounds lighter than I was, and I am feeling SO much healthier.

I have more energy, I sleep better, and I feel like I am fighting for myself, even if the battle is slooooooooow. (Ha)

I am still tracking my macros somewhat consistently, mainly to make sure I get enough protein (since I don't really like meat).

I'm so thankful this was a better month, and I'm excited to see what month 4 brings! Thanks for reading and for the support ya'll have shown me during this journey!