Month Two: 0

So this month has not been my best month. I found myself avoiding writing this post because I knew I didn't have anything victorious to write about. But I always try to do my best to be honest with you guys on here. And so I'm telling you, I made a ton of mistakes this month with my eating.

For some reason this month was just emotionally draining. Nothing traumatic happened, but I just felt down all month. I was discouraged in my motherhood, discouraged in my dōTERRA business, discouraged in my workouts and eating healthy. I was just very Eeyore this month. (Ha)

We got really sick a few weeks so sick Chris has to stay home from work one day because I couldn't get out of the bed. So I missed my workouts for that week.

And then I missed another two days of workouts last week due to my car breaking down and Chris working late.

The combination of all of this caused me to let myself eat my feelings and stress away. Not as badly as I would have in the past, so that's progress. But I still let my "bleh" feelings keep me from pushing through and cooking a healthy dinner and hitting the gym.

So it's no surprise that I haven't lost any weight this month. I did lose one inch, but thats pretty could be water weight. (Ha)

So here I am, fessing up to my bad month. I want to do better this month. Like soooo much better.

I'm working on some meal plans today and I'm just going to pray every day for the Lord to give me self control to say no, to push through and make some progress.

If y'all have any suggestions for me, or ways that helped you stick with your weight loss journey, I'm all ears! I know there is no secret to losing weight...I've got to do the work. But everyone has different ways that work best for them to do that. So that's what I'm looking for. (ha)