Month One: 4 Pounds

So I'm not gonna lie, a month ago I thought I would be posting a much higher number of pounds lost. But 4 weeks I've only lost 4 pounds. But this month I've learned a lot about myself and I've been consistent. And that hasn't happened in a long time. Also, I think I've lost more inches than pounds, but I didn't measure last month to know what they are. (WHOOPS)


The first few weeks I tracked my calories on MyFitnessPal, but I wasn't seeing that great of results. So I had a few friends share about tracking macros with me (thanks Lexi and Ellie!) and so I've been doing that (still on the MFP app) the past week and a half and I feel like it's making a small difference so far. I'll know more as the weeks go on.

I didn't realize how much fat I was eating until I started tracking macros. I have been eating way more protein and healthy carbs and I am full all of the time. Which made me freak out at first because shouldn't I be starving when trying to lose weight?? (Ha) I am eating a lot of Greek yogurt and turkey lunch meat, but hey, I'm full. haha


I've also been going to Krav Maga 3-4 times a week and looooooove it. It does my heart a lot of good to punch and kick things at the end of the day. (ha)

So yep! That's my first month of this journey. Hopefully next month I'll see some more pounds drop as well as more inches! (I'll measure this time ha)