5th Anniversary Trip

Chris and I were so blessed to get away for a weekend for our 5th anniversary. Since we’ve had kids one of our favorite ways to recharge is to go on trips to get away. I know that not everyone likes to leave their kids behind, and mom’s especially struggle with it, but we’ve done it since Rhett was 6 weeks old so it has never been a big deal or traumatic for me to leave my kids overnight.

It helps me keep my sanity and not lose myself completely in motherhood, so we try to do it at least twice a year.


For this trip we stayed at the cutest little cabin at Pigeon Mountain Crossing. It was absolutely adorable. It had white shiplap inside and the Joanna Gaines in me was in heaven. (Ha)


We got lucky and were the only ones at the camp that weekend, so we had the entire rec center to ourselves. I kicked Chris’ tail at foosball and he beat me at everything else. (Ha) 

We enjoyed the peace and quiet and walked trails, tanned on the pier, and even sat under the stars at night. 


We also drove back up to Signal Mountain (which is where I grew up) and visited the overlooks where Chris and I spent a lot of time talking together when we were dating.

I definitely took the views for granted all of those years I lived up there because they are breathtaking and that used to be an every day view for me!


It was kind of surreal to sit there together in the same spot where we once dreamed of what our future would look like, now 5 years later. We never could have imagined the life we would have lived in such a short amount of time.


We drove to our wedding venue and the owner happened to be there and he let us in so we could walk around. *cue all the feels*

It was so fun to get away and recharge our bodies and souls for a weekend. Anyone near  the Chattanooga area, check out Pigeon Mountain Crossing! It’s amazing.